About Eloah


Welcome to my website.
If you don’t know me yet, I’m Eloah, a French artist & designer based in London.

Alongside my career in multimedia, I’m now launching a new range of printed-on-demand products to showcase my design skills.

As long as I can remember, Arts have always been a big part of my life. It’s the way I express myself to the world. Here are a few words about the ones I practice.

It all started with drawing when I was a little kid. I kept creating artworks using various supports (pencils, oil painting, watercolor, pastels…). I loved designing clothes or houses. 

I studied Engineering Sciences in Highschool and was introduced to Digital Industrial Design using AutoCad. My dad, who had his own construction company, was pushing for me to study Architecture. But the schools were so expensive… we didn’t have the money and I wasn’t sure about it at all anyway. So I followed my own path instead.

I’ve always been into designing or handcrafting things but wasn’t a professional until I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor in Multimedia. After this, and extensive professional experiences in the field, I’ve now become a proficient & confident designer using Adobe Suite (Photoshop/Indesign) and can help you design anything: a brand, a website, a promotional campaign, printed materials… If you want to know more about the services I can offer, have a look at Eloah Production.

Actually, I feel so efficient, that I've recently decided to launch my own brand: clothing and accessories, have a look at my last collections in Eloah's Boutique.

Along with design, comes handcraft. I can’t remember when I started creating objects with my own hands, but I know I made my own first pair of earrings when I was a little girl, maybe 9 or 10. So it was no surprise to anyone who knew me when I starting my ..... Link to Gallery

I wrote my 1st poem (for grand’ma) when I was 9. But I didn’t know back then it was just a glimpse of what would later become one of my gifts. When I was 19, and after a really rough time in my life, I was depressed, and I don’t know why. One evening, alone in my living room, I took a notepad, a pen, and I started writing. What were first French poems that seemed to be written by a higher self, soon became English songs when I moved to London for the first time at 19yo.

Link to blog

I loooove music! Music is the best friend I could ever have. It knows my sadness and pain. It always stirs me up. And it helps me a lot with my healing process. Yes, like most of us, I’ve been through some shit in my life, and I still do! But creating music has become for me a way to transform that negative energy into something beautiful and releasing. 

I learned a bit of piano when I was a kid, was involved in various choirs, and bought my first ever classic guitar when I was 19. I didn’t know much about guitar back then, but it didn’t stop me from singing & writing my first songs straight away. 

I am mainly an autodidact when it comes to Music, don’t even really know the chords I’m playing. For me, music is all about how it sounds, and how it makes you feel. But I did take a few guitar and singing classes in the meantime to improve these skills. 

I jammed with a lot of musicians I met in France or in London. I had a band for 4 years - Eloah & Intruders 2011-2015 - in the sunny South of France. Although we never really released anything other than some demo songs on social media, we did quite a few gigs at local events and even ended up doing interviews and a live showcase on the local radio France Bleu Roussillon.

But in 2015, it wasn’t all working the way I wanted from a professional point of view. So I ended it all and decided to go back to school and spent half the year at l’IDEM studying Multimedia. After getting my degree, I went back to London and found work in the field so I got really busy. At this point, I didn’t have time or space to practice music anymore. But it was never far away!

Now, I’m a new stay-at-home mum and I finally have time - and a bit of space - to work on my own creative projects. Music is a big part of what I’m about to share with you in the next few months. I don’t want to say more, don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll hope you’ll stick with me and support me when the time comes.

While waiting for me to release anything, you can still listen to some of my old demos or jams you’ll find on Music.

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